Data Science

SwapGraph is an advanced peer-to-peer multi-party netting engine for efficient FX market making.

What is SwapGraph?

SwapGraph is a peer-to-peer multi-party netting engine that can match people in real-time based on the currencies that they wish to trade. Netting off orders can substantially reduce overall spread costs of FX inventory management, resulting in better prices for our customers.

Pecutus has developed novel approaches in transaction analytics, such as the use of multi-party netting algorithms grounded in Graph Theory and mathematical optimisation to perform optimised peer-to-peer FX transactions at better prices than are available to retail. During this development process, we have realised that graph structures serve as a perfect substrate for representing geospatial, logistical, financial and temporal relationships between parties, assets and transactions, and are well-suited to convex and multi-objective optimisation.

SwapGraph is used by ReadyTravel to reduce spreads and improve FX prices for our customers.