Smart IOT Kiosks


IOT-enabled Kiosks provide on-the-go services including cash, booking, KYC, and more.

Pecutus ReadyKiosks are IOT-enabled smart devices. Our Kiosks have built in 4G or 5G cellular internet connections, built in cameras for security and Facial Recognition, sensors for reading passports and other documentation, and hardware for processing physical cash. Our cash processing hardware includes bank note identification, authentication, collecting more than 50 global currencies and dispensing 3 or more different currencies.


Pecutus ReadyKiosks are connected to our secure VPN (Virtual Private Network). We use state-of-the-art SIEM and RMM-based monitoring tools, including sophisticated AI-enabled monitoring, to ensure minimal downtime and smooth operation of all of our kiosks.


We partner with third party providers to manage Kiosk inventory and maintenance requirements.

ReadyKiosk Use Cases

Our Kiosks are used every day at Hong Kong International Airport by leading Hong Kong airlines, as part of our bespoke ReadyTravel corporate integration. We have additional kiosk locations across Hong Kong, and offer white-labelled solutions to hotels and retail. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our Smart Kiosk technology.