iAM Smart

Open API

iAM Smart is Hong Kong's official digital identity management solution for accessing services online.

"iAM Smart" stands for "internet Access by Mobile in a Smart way". "iAM Smart" mobile app provides the one-stop personalised digital services platform, which enables users to log in and use online services by their personal mobile phone in a smart and convenient way. iAM Smart supports digital signing, form filling, authentication and personal notifications. ReadyFX is a registered service provider with iAMSmart, participating in the Hong Kong SAR iAM Smart Sandbox Programme.

iAm Smart is a valuable component of our digital onboarding and KYC processes that in the future will facilitate rapid sign up and authentiction on the ReadyFX platform.

Learn more from the official government website: www.iamsmart.gov.hk/en/

Hong Kong Residents will be able to signup for ReadyFX using iAM Smart for rapid, simplified onboarding.