ClearFin provides a new kind of infrastructure that enables seamless financial services integration.

What is the ClearFin Network?

The ClearFin Network provides a new kind of infrastructure that enables seamless integration between financial services across multiple providers. ClearFin serves as an interoperability layer and communication network between Financial Institutions and other service providers, with complex transactions described using programmable logic and Open Standards.

One of the core innovations of OpenFin is the creation of a transaction type through a sequence of declarative statements that interface with financial service providers to execute smaller sub-transactions ("ClearFin primitives") which serve as building blocks on the ClearFin platform. These primitives are made possible through a combination of Open Banking API utilisation, private APIs exposed to us through our banking relationships, and bespoke integrations built by partnered Financial Institutions.

The ClearFin Alpha Network already supports more than 10 transaction primitives. It is possible to declaratively create an account to store one of 31 global currencies. These currencies can be seamlessly exchanged at market-leading rates, at both Spot and Forward rates, including trades on margin. Payment instructions can be given to remit to any bank account in the world. Instant low-cost payments can be made in many SEA countries thanks to our exclusive network of local partners. Funds can be deducted from user bank accounts using Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation, and deposited using HKMA's Faster Payments System. Physical cash can be collected and dispensed at Fin kiosks available across Hong Kong, including at Hong Kong International Airport, via our 'Ready Travel' network. We are working with many providers in Insurance, Financing, Payments and Banking to incorporate new transaction types on ClearFin.

Declarative Transaction Programming with ClearFin Primitives

Transactions are currently defined using the Unified Modelling Language (UML), specified using Sequence Diagrams and implemented using TypeScript, with Transaction primitives exposed via RESTful APIs. One of the key goals of the OpenFin Project is to develop ClearFin Markup Language. CFML will serve as a self-documenting declarative language for describing combinations of ClearFin Primitives, reducing the development burden of creating novel financial services on the platform.

ClearFin and OFML can be understood as a Smart Contract platform for traditional, centralised financial services. ClearFin supports many of the same concepts that are popular in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) space right now: collateralised lending, automated asset exchanges and yield-generating products. However, ClearFin is designed from the ground-up to integrate with existing global financial infrastructure using best practices in API design. ClearFin aims to drive financial inclusion and democratise access to financial services through their commoditization and automation.

ClearFin Use Cases

Using the ClearFin Alpha network, we have developed two Financial Services as proofs of concept to illustrate how these technologies can be used in practice: ReadyTravel and ReadyFX. These are not merely demos, they are production services that have processed millions of dollars in transaction volume.


ReadyTravel comprises a network of IOT-enabled smart kiosks across Hong Kong. RT provides a separately branded retail experience for purchasing FX for travel purposes, built on top of the ClearFin Alpha architecture. Customers are able to top-up with HKD from their iPhone, trade to 6 different currencies, and withdraw from any of our conveniently located Kiosks. RT also supports deposits of more than 12 currencies with instant exchange to HKD. RT is trusted by Cathay Pacific to provide a seamless FX experience for their flight crews, with an exclusive pair of Kiosks located within their flight dispatch area at Hong Kong International Airport.


ReadyFX (RFX) is a mobile-first international remittance and FX management service available to Hong Kong companies and individuals, with 24 hour account opening. RFX supports global remittance in all major currencies, and FX trading services at market-leading rates. All RFX funds are securely held on account at a major Hong Kong bank by a licensed Money Service Operator.