ReadyFX x Global Airlines

ReadyFX helps to connect people and simplify travel with our bespoke integration, ReadyTravel.

ReadyTravel provides travel money management solutions for the travel industry. ReadyTravel is available 24/7 to our partners across Hong Kong, including at HK International Airport.

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ReadyTravel Network

ReadyTravel is a bespoke ReadyFX Integration that seamlessly delivers FX management services to frequent flyers in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try ReadyTravel?

The ReadyTravel platform is currently undergoing private testing with various partners. If you are an authorized tester for one of our partners, you can download the app from the App Store and register using your company e-mail address.

If you are interested with partnering us, and work in the travel, hospitality or retail finance industry, please drop an email to or give us a call.

What currencies does ReadyTravel support?


Able to Withdraw: JPY USD EUR CNY AUD and GBP.

Bank Topup: HKD only.

What are the trading hours?

ReadyTravel kiosks operate 24 x 7 x 365.

Can I adopt ReadyTravel for my Org?

We can create bespoke, customised integrations for your business - whether you have 50 people or 50,000. Both branded and white-labeled solutions are available, and may include payment cards, FX, Cash-based services, and much more. Get in touch to learn more.

Where are ReadyTravel Kiosks located?

You can find ReadyTravel kiosks on the G/F of Cathay Pacific City at Hong Kong International Airport.

We also have expo locations at Hong Kong Science Park, and the University of Science and Technology.

ReadyTravel kiosks are also available to be white-labelled for your business premises.

How are your exchange rates so good?

Unlike many banks and money changers, we do not charge large fees for using the ReadyTravel platform.

We use our proprietary technology to match users in different locations to efficiently swap currency in a peer-to-peer fashion, which reduces our costs - savings which we pass on directly to our loyal customers!

How secure is my money?

We take security very seriously, and work with regulated financial institutions to provide our technology, utilising the highest standard of encryption and cybersecurity best practices.