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Managing FX for your business has never been easier. Work with us today to experience fast and simple trading, payment and hedging solutions.

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ReadyFX services are delivered using the latest and greatest technologies, backed by over 80 years of experience serving Hong Kong's Foreign Exchange needs.


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ReadyFX Money Services and Remittance are operated and arranged for by Ngau Kee Money Changer, powered by Pecutus Technologies.

Our services

Enjoy seamless FX trading, hedging, and global payment services at the best possible rates using the ReadyFX platform.

Multi-currency Account

Effortlessly manage FX with your ReadyFX Global Multi-Currency Account.

FX & Global Payments

Trade FX in just 3 taps and securely send funds anywhere in the world through our extensive remittance network.

Payment Card

Spend like a local wherever you go, earn exclusive benefits, and access your account on the move.

Getting Started

Apply for your ReadyFX account in just 15 minutes, and start trading within 24 hours.

1. Download ReadyFX
Get ReadyFX from the App Store for iPhone. Android support is coming soon.

2. Simple digital onboarding
Follow our super simple digital onboarding process to verify your identity.

3. Start Trading
Congratulations! Within 24 hours your account is opened and available to begin trading.

Money & Data Security

We take security seriously, and readyFX is seriously secure.

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